Sud Radio Personality Romain Bessonnet Wikipedia, Find Him On Twitter

Sud Radio Personality Romain Bessonnet Wikipedia, Find Him On Twitter

Romain Bessonnet recently appeared on Sud Radio to talk about the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Is he on Wikipedia?

Romain Bessonnet is the secretary-general of the Aristotle Circle who recently appeared on Sud Radio. At present, he has been serving as a specialist in Russia.

Bessonnet is extremely popular for his book titled “Putin by himself: the conquest of power”. What does he say about the current war?

Who is Romain Bessonnet From Sud Radio?

Romain Bessonnet is a personality who has appeared as a guest on Sud Radio, a French privately-owned radio station for a very long time now.

He is also working as a lecturer and specialist in Russia. Bessonnet has been serving as the secretary-general of the Aristotle Circle as well.

The Aristotle Circle is a group of intellectuals based in France. It reviews the geostrategy and history of thought Perspectives Libres.

His book “Putin by himself: the conquest of power” describes the opinion about Putin and his conquest.

Bessonnet was the guest of Andre Bercoff, Friday, June 18, 2021. In the show, he talked about his book and views on Russia.

In the show, he also stated that “Almost 1 out of 2 companies works for the Russian mafia!”

He also said, “For #Putin , there has never been a real border between Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.”

Very recently on February 24, 2022, Bessonnet appeared on the show once again to talk about his book “Putin by himself”.

In the show, he was asked about the Ukraine-Russian crisis in recent days.

The secretary-general of the Aristotle Circle told: “The fact that #Putin has spoken the terms of demilitarization and denazification of #Ukraine means that he will go all the way! It will go all the way to regime change in Kyiv”

Romain Bessonnet Wikipedia and Twitter Biography

Romain Bessonnet is yet to be enlisted on the Wikipedia pages. Likewise, we could not discover him on the Twitter platform.

However, Bessonnet is an extremely popular man in media. There are many videos of him available on the Youtube platform.

Romain Bessonnet is both a French sovereigntist and a specialist in the Russian world.

Romain Bessonnet Wife Or Partner: His Marital Status

Romain Bessonnet is believed to be a married man. Although we are unable to trace the details about his wife and family members.