Who Is Nemphy On Twitch? Biography On The Dota 2 Streamer

Who Is Nemphy On Twitch? Biography On The Dota 2 Streamer

Nemphy is a new streamer, and he is steadily gaining popularity in the video-game streaming site Twitch. Did you know Nemphy was a former professional player? Learn more about him below.

Nemphy is a twitch streamer who focuses his content around the video game Dota 2. As you all know, Dota 2 is a massively popular MOBA game, and getting your name out there in the Dota 2 streaming community requires herculean effort.

However, Nemphy is making steady progress with his gameplay skills. Let’s explore the personal and professional life of Nemphy.

Who Is Nemphy On Twitch?

While Nemphy is little known currently, he has already amassed 2.1k followers.

He is a content creator and Twitch streamer who mainly streams Dota 2. He racks an average of about 100 views per stream, and he has already amassed total views of 128,454.

Nemphy is also a former competitive player for Dota 2. He is from Finland, and he played for the 5 Anchors No Captain (5ANC) from Finland. He later joined the 4 Anchors + Sea Captain (4ASC) team. He got promoted to team captain soon after.

4ASC later signed to STARK eSports. However, the team disbanded, and Nemphy quit playing competitive Dota. His twitch bio states that he is a washed-up professional player, likely hinting that he wouldn’t be playing competitive anymore.

Video games are a fun way to relieve stress. However, when playing competitive play, it just adds more stress.

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Nemphy Real Name And Age Explored

Nemphy’s real name is Sampsa Kutvonen. He currently lives in Jyväskylä, Finland.

He is 25 years old, and he will be 26 in the coming September. Nemphy was born on December 27, 1996.

He is an undergraduate student at the University of Jyväskylä. He is studying Biology of Physical Activity, and he is in his 3rd year of class.

As college takes up some of his time, Nemphy isn’t a full-time streamer. However, if his channel grows steadily, he may pursue a career in video gaming and stream full-time.

How Much Is Nemphy Net Worth?

There is currently no accurate estimation of Nemphy’s net worth.

He is still a college student, and he also works as a part-time streamer. He used to play professional previously, but he has quit since. There are also no records of him having tournament earnings.

However, Nemphy’s source of income should be from his twitch subs. He could also do ads and sponsored streams in the future.

Meet Nemphy On Twitter

Nemphy goes by the name @nemphyDotA on his Twitter account.

He has about 563 followers and a total of 207 tweets.