Critics slam Obama’s birthday bash after Martha’s Vineyard reports increase in coronavirus cases

Critics slam Obama’s birthday bash after Martha’s Vineyard reports increase in coronavirus cases

Critics are slamming former President Barack Obama and his birthday bash last weekend after Martha’s Vineyard reported an increase in coronavirus cases.

Critics are using hashtags such as “#superspreader” and “#ObamaVariant” after the Daily Mail reported that at least 74 people have tested positive for the virus since Obama’s elite party last Saturday, which is more than any week since April.

A health official for the Martha’s Vineyard town of Tisbury, however, said that officials are not aware of the cases being connected to the party.

“At this time we’re not aware of any cases connected to the Obama party,” Tisbury health agent and boards of health spokesperson Maura Valley told the Daily Mail. “It’s a little too early and the only way we’re going to know is through comprehensive contact tracing.”

“This is the busiest time on the island,” Martha’s Vineyard Hospital spokeswoman Marissa Lefebvre told the Boston Herald. “It’s impossible for us to know at this point” if the infections are linked to the Obama party.

Obama held his 60th birthday party last Saturday on his nearly 30-acre property in Massachusetts, which he and former first lady Michelle Obama purchased in 2019 for $11.75 million.

Celebrities such as Don Cheadle,  Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, musician Erykah Badu, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Steven Spielberg, Bradley Cooper, Steven Colbert, Bruce Springsteen were all reportedly in attendance.

Guests were reportedly asked to be vaccinated ahead of the event, and the birthday was scaled back more than what was initially planned in light of the delta variant.

The spike in cases on the island also comes as areas across the country report an increase in cases, with the delta variant making up more than 80% of all cases as of the end of July. On Martha’s Vineyard, specifically, 48 cases were reported the week before the party, which is double the week prior.

The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama did not immediately return Fox News’s request for comment on the matter.

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