1000-Lb Best Friends fans slam Tina Arnold after she breaks down in tears and walks out of brutal workout

1000-Lb Best Friends fans slam Tina Arnold after she breaks down in tears and walks out of brutal workout

1000-lb BEST FRIENDS’ Tina Arnold LEFT a brutal workout that wasn’t working out for her.

The group’s ‘mom’ on the TLC show broke down in tears during the shocking scene and was slammed by fans as a “cry baby.”


Tina Arnold was slammed as a ‘cry baby’ on 1000-lb Best FriendsCredit: TLC
She broke down in tears and walked out of the group's brutal workout


She broke down in tears and walked out of the group’s brutal workoutCredit: TLC

During the February 28th episode, Tina attended a “Barbarian Burn” workout with her three main co-stars and got burn-out, resulting in an emotional exit.

Amid the scene’s strenuous exercises and loud trainers, the friend of stars Vannessa Cross, 42, and her BFF Meghan Crumpler, 43, broke down crying.

“They’re coming at me, yelling screaming,” she said in the open gym about the intense workout they all chose to do.

“They’re gonna have to back off me or I’m gonna leave. I can’t handle yelling.”

Tina then tearfully stormed to the bathroom of the gym as she cried.

Meghan, who was using oxygen during the episode due to “respiratory problems,” explained in confessional: “Tina is running off in tears right now.”

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Meghan then followed Tina to the bathroom to console the “Mom” of the group: “I understand what you’re going through, it was a lot for me. I think we’re all fighting something here.”

Tina said as she cried through the shut door: “I’m having issues with the screaming and the yelling, I’m immediately thrown back to when I was younger.

“There were a lot of loud aggressive men in my past and trauma there that hasn’t been settled,” she admitted, though she did return to finish the “Barbarian Burn.”

“Although Tina had something that triggered her, she got through it, love her for it,” fourth ‘best friend’ Ashley said.


Fans, however, felt like if Meghan, who returned to her oxygen this week, could do it – then Tina may have been acting “soft.”

“Tina stop being so soft honey!!! Motivate yourself to be free and work harder…the enemy is always in your ear saying it’s not right or you can’t do it…prove them wrong,” one fan wrote to Twitter.

“Tina’s a big a** baby  #1000lbBestFriends” wrote a second.

A third wrote: “Tina is getting on my DAMN nerves!”

While a fourth complained: “Lmao Tina is a cry baby.”


The four main stars of the TLC show regularly try exercises to continue their weight loss journey – and they often end emotionally.

During the February 7 premiere of 1000-lb Best Friends, Vannessa screamed at Meghan during a hula-hoop workout that spun out of control.

Meghan said she feared she’d “have to bury” her BFF during the heated moment when the heavier Vanessa panicked as her hoop got stuck.

“Shut the f*** up for a g*ddamn second,” Vanessa yelled.

Meghan, who is the thinner one having successfully had bariatric surgery, was emotional in the confessional.

“It’s not my fault she’s overweight, she needs to take accountability for herself.

“It makes me so angry. I just want to shake her and say, ‘What is it going to take? I don’t want to bury you.'”

“I’m jealous of the fact that she did it,” Vannessa then said in confessional on her best friend’s successful surgery.

“Vannessa is giving Tammy vibes,” wrote one fan, referring to TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters show.VANNESSA & MEGHAN UNCOVERED


1000-lb Best Friends is a reality show focused on the weight loss journeys of Meghan, Vannessa, and their two friends and support systems Ashley and Tina.

At their heaviest, the main pair of Vannessa and Meghan’s weight combined was a total of 1,000 pounds, according to In Touch.

However, as the heavier Vannessa explained of their effort to both have bariatric weight loss surgery:

“Meghan got the surgery, but I didn’t.”

Last year, on Discovery+’s Too Large, famed surgeon Dr. Charles Procter, who helped Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters, performed surgery on Meghan to help her lose weight.

Meghan went from 500 pounds to 330 pounds at the beginning of episode one.

Vannessa didn’t qualify for the surgery and is now at 444 pounds.

Vannessa and Meghan met in elementary school in Georgia.

The show chronicles their respective attempts to lose more weight.

Viewers can catch 1000-Lb Best Friends Monday nights at 10pm ET on TLC, as well as with a Discovery+ membership.

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