15 Best Zombie Movies Of All Time

15 Best Zombie Movies Of All Time

The zombie has to be one of the scariest monsters ever created but not so much for its solo efforts as a villain. Aliens, Kaiju, any sort of cosmic being–in terms of pure might and destructive scale–there are plenty of worse offenders. Zombies, however, pose a unique psychological threat. An outbreak would be bleak. Early encounters would most certainly be with people we once knew. That’s disturbing enough, before ever getting into the whole “being eaten alive” deal.

Most of us wouldn’t be able to handle the trauma associated with dispatching a reanimated loved one. Even if we are, surviving a given moment might not be enough. What’s our motivation to move forward despite the sheer hopelessness of the situation? That’s something to ponder. Which is why we believe the best zombie movies, like most horror, utilizes that notion to tell interesting stories about humanity.

Below are the 15 best zombie movies of all time. A difficult list to make for sure, considering the years of content one could sift through. That said, the movies included all bring something valuable to the undead table. Or at the very least, will elicit strong debates from fellow zombie fans.

Note: We’ve included “infected” centered movies as they still reflect the original concept of a zombie being a person (undead or otherwise) that has no will of their own/is a slave to either a person or their impulses.

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