Adele’s Track List For Her Upcoming Album Unveiled

Adele’s Track List For Her Upcoming Album Unveiled

The track list for Adele’s upcoming album, 30, has been unveiled.

Fans have discovered the track list through a listing on Target’s website.

Tracks include I Drink Wine and Oh My God which has led to the album being deemed the “most relatable ever.”

Can’t wait to see which song on Adele’s new album ’30’ makes me cry the most, but the sequence of ‘Cry Your Heart Out’, ‘Oh My God’, ‘Can I Get It’ and ‘I Drink Wine’ feels like the most relatable track list ever made.

— Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold) November 1, 2021

In the six years since her last album, 25, Adele has suffered a self described “year of anxiety” after the breakdown of her marriage to broker Simon Konecki.

The Grammy winning singer did her first interview in five years last month with Vogue.

She played journalist Giles Hattersley snippets from the album – including one song Adele described as being about drinking and “destruction”, which fans are now positing might be I Drink Wine.

“It’s me going out and getting drunk at a bar. Drinking liquor. I start arguments if I drink liquor,” she said of the mystery song. “I can handle my wine, I could drink five bottles of wine and have a normal conversation.”

Track 7: I Drink Wine????

— fran (@hypnoticpaulson) November 1, 2021

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