Brad Pitt Sues Angelina Jolie Over Sale Of French Vineyard

Brad Pitt Sues Angelina Jolie Over Sale Of French Vineyard

Actor Brad Pitt is suing ex-wife Angelina Jolie for secretly selling her shares in the French vineyard they bought as a couple. 

According to TMZ, Pitt has asked a court judge to undo the business transaction Jolie made with Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler over the property she and Pitt bough back in 2008.

In court documents obtained by the outlet, Pitt said he had invested a great deal of money and time into the winery throughout the years, and had agreed with Jolie that neither of them would sell their shares without the others consent.

“The vineyard became Pitt’s passion – and a profitable one, as Miraval, under Pitt’s stewardship, has grown into a multimillion-dollar international success story and one of the world’s most highly regarded producers of rose wine,” the documents state.

In July 2021, Jolie went to court to tell a judge that she had a buyer for her shares in the winery, but did not provide a name.

Two months later, Pitt agreed for Jolie to pursue the sale, but said he would make a final decision once he approves of the proposed buyer.

By October, Pitt said he was left shocked after finding out that Jolie had sold her shares to Shefler as she had not gotten his consent.

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