Brittany Murphy’s Final Days Explored In New Documentary

Brittany Murphy’s Final Days Explored In New Documentary

New Brittany Murphy documentary explores her final days and strange circumstances surrounding her shocking death. 

The new two-part doc is set to air on HBO Max on October 14.

Director Cynthia Hill investigates the details of Murphy‘s final days and her relationship with husband, Simon Monjack.

Murphy sadly died in December 2009 at the age 32 from untreated pneumonia, combined with anaemia and drug intoxication from prescription medications, including painkillers and cold medicine, PEOPLE report.

Her death has attracted many conspiracy theories due to the bizarre nature surrounding the circumstances.

Simon died 5 months later by similar cause to the actress, barring the substance intoxication.

Monjack‘s “shady past” is explored in the docuseries. This will include “interviews with Monjack’s mother, Linda, and brother, James, as well as his former fiancée Elizabeth Ragsdale, who says he lied to her about who he was.”

Hill spoke to PEOPLE; “He was a disturbed individual who was used to conning people and Brittany was one of his last victims. There was a pattern of behaviour that became very obvious the more research that we did.”

“Everyone was so consistent when they would describe her. She was so generous, caring and always thinking about everybody else and I think sometimes that gets forgotten because of all the mystery surrounding her death,” says Hill.

“She was loved by everyone.”

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