Celebrities Read Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel

Celebrities are back reading mean tweets about themselves and this time it’s the likes of Tom Hanks, Tom Holland, Dakota Johnson, Timothee Chamalet and more, who take on the challenge.

The first mean tweets segment aired back in 2012 and has since become an internet favourite – even winning The Webby Award in 2015.

The series is “so popular, that even President Obama was willing to participate. With over 31 million views, the presidential edition remains the most popular to date,” as stated by The Wrap.

In the new episode, we see many familiar famous faces, one of those being Tom Holland in his Spider-Man suit, reading:

“Well Tom Holland is an absolute w*nker.”

Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson also got involved, her tweet saying:

Dakota Johnson has some serious d*ck nose happening”

You can watch the segment below on the Jimmy Kimmel Instagram.

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