DaBaby Sued For Assault By DaniLeigh’s Brother

DaBaby Sued For Assault By DaniLeigh’s Brother

Rapper DaBaby is being sued by the brother of DaniLeigh after physically assaulting him in a bowling alley.

Video of the attack shows the pair exchanging words before DaBaby lunges forward and a fight ensues across the bowling lanes.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident and are considering pressing a charge of assault with a deadly weapon after DaBaby was seen kicking the victim in the head whilst he was on the ground.

Now according to TMZ, the alleged victim of the attack – Brandon Bills – is suing DaBaby for assault, battery, emotional distress and negligence.

Claiming that the attack was unprovoked and that he did not fight back, Bills says he was left with physical and psychological damage, in addition to medical bills and disability.

An exact reason for the assault has yet to be discovered, though DaBaby claims it was an act of self-defence. He has since been banned from the bowling alley in Topanga, California.

DaniLeigh, who is the sister of the alleged victim, shares a 7-month-old daughter with DaBaby.

While the pair are no longer together, their turbulent relationship has been widely publicised, with DaniLeigh recording one of their disagreements live on Instagram.

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