David Walliams Removes Chinese Character From Children’s Book

David Walliams Removes Chinese Character From Children’s Book

Children’s author David Walliams has removed a Chinese character from one of his books after criticism over harmful stereotypes. 

The book titled The World’s Worst Children features ten cautionary tales on different characters, one of which was named Brain Wong, Who Was Never, Ever Wrong.

In a statement confirming the removal, the book’s publisher Harper Collins said: “In consultation with our author and illustrator, we can confirm that a new story will be written to replace ‘Brian Wong‘ in future editions of ‘The World’s Worst Children‘.”

The removal comes after a podcaster named Georgia Ma claimed that the book was “normalising jokes on minorities.”

Ma explained that the two words ‘Wong’ and ‘Wrong’ are commonly used in playgrounds to pick on someone if their surname is Wong.

The podcaster also pointed out that some of the books’ other stories, contain harmful stereotypes.

“Even just the way Brian has been illustrated. He wears glasses, he looks like a nerd, he’s got small eyes…,” she said to The Bookseller.

Walliams has not yet made any comment on the stories removal from his book.

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