Deontay Wilder To Wear “Significantly Lighter” Costume In Trilogy Fight

Deontay Wilder To Wear “Significantly Lighter” Costume In Trilogy Fight

Deontary Wilder will reportedly wear a much lighter costume in his trilogy fight against Tyson Fury.

Speaking to TMZ, costume designers Cosmo and Donato, promised another unique pre-fight outfit for Deontay on October 9. They stressed that the new get-up would be “significantly lighter”, in order to avoid “drama”.

Deontay had partially credited his loss to Fury in February 2020 to the weight of his pre-fight costume. The bejewelled black, armour-like ensemble had included a mask, crown and fully functioning laser light set up, which Deontay believed affected the mobility in his legs.

The new costume reportedly took three weeks to complete and would feature a red and black design. “From the Nigerian tribe,” explains Cosmo. “The red means funeral – it’s going to be Tyson Fury’s funeral the next fight.”

C&D added that The Bronze Bomber had tried on the new gear and was confident it would not impede his fighting ability this Saturday.

“He looks so amazing,” said Cosmo. “He was so happy… the outfit fits perfectly and he’s ready to slay!”

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