Doja Cat Covers Rolling Stone

Doja Cat Covers Rolling Stone

Doja Cat is the cover star of January’s addition of Rolling Stone magazine, in her deepest interview yet.

She also opens up about working with disgraced music producer Dr Luke, a full-length tour and a cooking series.

“I haven’t worked with him in a very long time… I don’t think I need to work with him again. I don’t think I need to work with him in the future. I know that.”

Doja also revealed her her brother were occasionally babysat by Alexis Haines, Pretty Wild star and Bling Ring scandal culprit.

She also speaks about how Doja Cat is almost like an alter ego.

Rolling Stone wrote “Doja Cat likes to imagine herself guesting as her own ‘alter ego’ when she writes verses: ‘I think it turns songs into more like rides or experiences.’”

You can also watch a full behind the scenes video of the shoot below.

You can read the full interview here.

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