Doja Cat Reveals She Is Not Enjoying Her Career

Doja Cat Reveals She Is Not Enjoying Her Career

Doja Cat has revealed during an Instagram Live that she is not enjoying her music career and her place in the industry.

The 26-year-old singer, revealed during a livestream on her Instagram, that she is no longer enjoying making music, as she is also required to do things that she “doesn’t want to do.”

“I just mean, make music like, willy nilly, have fun and just jam and make some shit. I haven’t done that in maybe five years it feels like, I’m doing all this shit that I don’t f*ckin’ wanna do. I don’t want to take fuckin’ pictures,” Doja said.

”Like, yes, planning a photoshoot is very fun. Capturing a concept, capturing a visual idea, like something like that… I love fashion. I really do,” she added.

A video, cut from the livestream can be found on The Neighborhood Talk, Instagram page, where they caption the post: ”Damn it sounds like Doja Cat isn’t enjoying being in the industry.”

This revelation from Doja, comes days after the singer was celebrating her 7 nominations at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

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