EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West Challenges Perez Hilton On Mental Health Topic

EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West Challenges Perez Hilton On Mental Health Topic

Kanye West has deleted all his Instagram posts to question Perez Hilton.

The 44-year-old Donda rapper shared a grainy photo of Hilton in a post dedicated to asking him one question about mental health.

Ye captioned the black and white headshot of the gossip journalist asking the question, “Do you think jokes about mental health are funny?” which stems from a video that Perez shared on his Instagram feed earlier in the day where Pete Davidson made a joke on Saturday Night Live and said, “Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jacka**,”

In response to West‘s question, Hilton wrote in the comments section, “Are you specifically asking about Kim Kardashian‘s boyfriend? I don’t usually find him very funny. Pete Davidson is a comedian. He’s also been very open about his mental health struggles. I did find his jokes about mental health on SNL funny.”

Since the post went on social media, the social media guru wrote on his personal Instagram page, “Kim Kardashian’s ex has a question for me. This is my response to Kanye West and also I extend an invitation. DM me your PO Box address and I will send you a bunch of My True Ten. I think it could really help you in so many (sic) ways!,”

He furthered to clarify in another post, “If you want to really chat – come be a guest on PerezHilton.com,”

Speaking to Perez and asking how he would describe West‘s behaviour in recent weeks, he told us, “I would describe Kanye West‘s behaviour over the recent weeks as attention-seeking. And he’s quite masterful at that. He’s allegedly releasing an album on 2/22 and has a stadium show next week in Miami. He justifies his behaviour by thinking societal norms don’t apply to him. Kanye‘s never been one to do what should be done.”

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