Fashion Mogul Peter Nygård To Be Extradited

Fashion Mogul Peter Nygård To Be Extradited

Fashion mogul Peter Nygård has agreed to be extradited from Canada to the US to face charges of sex trafficking and racketeering.

The 80-year-old designer faces a nine-count indictment in New York over allegations he drugged and assaulted women and girls as young as 14. He denies any wrongdoing.

Nygård was arrested back in December 2020 in Winnipeg, Canada and has remained in jail since then.

The acting US attorney Audrey Strauss in Manhattan said Nygård had since 1995 used his influence and businesses to “recruit and maintain” victims in the US, Canada and the Bahamas to sexually gratify himself and his associates.

Authorities said that victims were assaulted by Nygård or his associates, with some drugged to ensure they met his sexual demands, and that Nygård often targeted victims who came from disadvantaged backgrounds or had suffered abuse.

The lawsuit says that Nygård used his company, bribery of Bahamian officials and his influence in the fashion industry to recruit his victims.

It alleges he plied the young women with drugs and alcohol during “pamper parties” and kept a database on a corporate server containing the names of thousands of potential victims.

There is a footage of Nygård‘s secret “pamper parties” here.

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