Fitness Influencer Ca’Shawn ‘Cookie’ Sims Missing In LA

Fitness Influencer Ca’Shawn ‘Cookie’ Sims Missing In LA

Family members of fitness influencer Ca’Shawn ‘Cookie’ Sims are asking the public for help locating her.

A missing person’s report posted yesterday by the LA County Sheriff’s Office states that Ca’Shawn was last seen on September 8 on the 2100 block of Broach Avenue in Duarte, California.

Ca’Shawn is described as “5’1″ tall, 120lbs, with black shoulder-length hair and brown eyes”. She also has a tattoo of the words “It’s found in the soul” on her left collarbone, “Earth” on her left forearm, and Spanish writing on her back.

In an Instagram post, Ca’Shawn’s sister, Ca’rynn ‘Cee’ Sims, pleaded the public for help locating her.

“Please be on the lookout for finding my sister to ensure that she’s okay and safe. She has abandoned her home, her dog and seemingly her phone which is unlike her,” wrote Ca’rynnn.

“Our extended family (my grandad, aunts, and cousins) cannot reach her alike with my middle sister, mom and dad. She lives in Duarte, CA and there is no indication to where she may have been headed after last leaving her home. So EVERY CITY, pls pls check for her no matter the location. If you see her, stay there until I or someone from my family can be reached!!!”

Ca’Shawn’s last post to her Instagram (@cookieeedough), which boasts over 215k followers, was on July 1.

Anyone with information in relation to Ca’Shawn’s whereabouts is encouraged to reach out to her family or contact the authorities.

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