‘Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins Gets Vaccinated

‘Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins Gets Vaccinated

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins has received the COVID-19 vaccine, avoiding a home-game ban.

Wiggins had previously said he wouldn’t get vaccinated and applied to the NBA for a religious exemption. His application was denied and he was warned to comply with San Fransisco’s vaccination policies or else face a ban from all home games.

An October 13 deadline was imposed by the San Fransico Department of Public Health for all players to be vaccinated.

According to ESPN, team coach Steve Kerr confirmed Wiggins had been vaccinated following Sunday’s practice.

“Andrew got vaccinated.” He said. “He just told me today that he was fine with us acknowledging it and that will be the end of it. I’m not going to answer any questions beyond that.”

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