Iman Says She Won’t Remarry After Losing David Bowie

Iman Says She Won’t Remarry After Losing David Bowie

Iman has revealed that she will not remarry after the death of husband David Bowie.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the supermodel discussed her 24-year long marriage to the musician who died in 2016 after suffering from liver cancer for eighteen months.

She had previously told her daughter that she does not plan to marry again as she “still feels married”.

“‘No, I will not.’ I still feel married,” Iman said.

“Someone a few years ago referred to David as my late husband and I said: ‘No, he’s not my late husband. He’s my husband.’”

She remembers being a fan of the artist and, when attending one of his shows, they crossed paths.

“David said it was love at first sight,” Iman says, “It took me a few months but I got there.”

The pair were then set up on a “blind date”.

After their first date, she went to Paris to walk the runway for Thierry Mugler and was greeted with a room full of flowers upon returning to her hotel.

David was there to meet her at the airport when she returned to L.A. “And that’s how it started,” she says. “He properly wooed me.”

They married in Florence on 6 June 1992, before welcoming their daughter in 2000.

Now that he’s gone “there are days that are harder than others but the memories are not all sad of why the person isn’t here. The memories are now of how great it was,” she adds.

Iman remembers how handsome he was, his charisma, his kindness, and their chemistry.

“Sometimes I have to remind myself that I had 26 years. So I have that to sustain me,” she continues.

“I definitely feel his presence, especially when I look out over the glorious sunsets at our home because David loves sunsets so in that way he is ever present.”

“Through my memory, my love lives.”

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