Jesy Nelson Felt “Miserable And Trapped” In Little Mix

Jesy Nelson Felt “Miserable And Trapped” In Little Mix

Jesy Nelson has described feeling “miserable and trapped”, comparing herself to her former Little Mix bandmates.

Nelson’s comments came in conversation with Fearne Cotton, as part of her Happy Place podcast. She described the current chapter in her life as “the first time I’ve taken control”.

Discussing her decision to leave Little Mix in December, the singer said she was “s**tting myself because it’s all I’ve ever known”.

“Like we never had time to just be by ourselves and the only time I had that was lockdown, and for me, that was when I realised ‘oh wow, okay, this isn’t for me anymore’,” she explains.

“And it sounds crazy because obviously, we were in a pandemic and there were awful things going on, but it is the first time I’d felt true peace and happiness, that I hadn’t felt in such a long time.”

“That was the biggest wake-up call for me,” she added. “When I was like ‘I need to do something about this because this – it’s not normal that I’m going back to work and I feel depressed, and it’s been ten years of my life that I’ve felt like that’.”

Nelson went on to say that when she first entered the music industry she believed it was “always going to be about the music, but it ended up being about my appearance”.

She described her former bandmates as “like sisters” but said she was “drained” after being compared to them “every single day”.

“It wasn’t nice for Jade, Anne and Perrie to be around when I was so down, and they were living their dream and I wasn’t. Like, they were living their dream and I wasn’t. I felt very miserable and trapped.”

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