Joe Exotic: Health Update In Prison Amid Blood-Immune Disorder Treatment

Joe Exotic: Health Update In Prison Amid Blood-Immune Disorder Treatment

Joe Exotic remains in prison after he was found guilty of murder-for-hire and animal abuse, currently serving a 22-year-sentence.

He rose to fame in 2020 due to Netflix‘s Tiger King documentary that was released during the first global lockdowns. The former zookeeper has feared for his life as he serves time in prison with COVID fears within the facility he’s locked up in, alongside battling his own personal health issues.

Speaking to a source, Exotic‘s health update has been deemed as he is “doing well” as he awaits test results from “several procedures” he received over the last couple of weeks. This comes after months of the Tiger King star revealing that he was trying to receive treatment for his hemogamaglobinanemia, a blood-immune disorder.

Late last month, Allen Glover, the alleged hitman in the murder-for-hire case against Joe, revealed during a statement to John M. Phillips law firm that he committed perjury during the MFH trial.

unCrazed announced the release date of the second season of Tiger King days before Netflix made the official announcement with viewers only needing to countdown over a month before the drop on November 17, 2021.

In September, unCrazed revealed an exclusive interview with Joe that is available only on our brand new iOS and Android application within our new digital magazine.


We’re keeping a close tab on Joe‘s condition and updates on his pending sentence reconsideration.

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