Kim Cattrall Joins The ‘Queer As Folk’ Reboot

Kim Cattrall Joins The ‘Queer As Folk’ Reboot

Kim Cattrall has announced she will be in the Queer As Folk reboot. 

Veering from her legendary straight shooting, sexaholic PR maven Sex and The City  character, in Queer As Folk, the Golden Globe winner will portray a “martini-soaked, high-society Southern debutante with trailer park roots”, according to NBC.

While we’re yet to hear more about the role, there’s potential for some Samantha-style one-liners and iconic looks.

Queer as Folk was initially released in 1999 by trailblazing screenwriter Russell T Davis, who is responsible for Doctor Who and It’s A Sin amongst many other firm favourites.

The original was set in Manchester, UK and then a US version began in 2000 and ran for five series.

Fans were quick to make comments regarding Cattrell’s absence from the SATC reboot, Just Like That.

In the last week, Kim Cattrall was cast as the future of Hilary Duff’s character in How I Met Your Mother and she scored a role in Queer as Folk. She doesn’t need to be in a situation for even an hour where she’s not enjoying herself. And just like that, she’s gonna be just fine.

— Matthew Galea (@mattygalea_) November 9, 2021

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