Kylie Jenner Launches Halloween Collection

Kylie Jenner Launches Halloween Collection

Kylie Jenner has announced a devilish new makeup collection inspired by 1984 horror classic A Nightmare On Elm Street

The 24-year-old posted an eerie video to tease the release of the collection. She appears nude, but covered in blood with a full face of glam.

Fans speculated the inspiration behind the clip.

Horror movie masterpieces Carrie and Jennifer’s Body were the main predictions in the comment section; and though Jenner dripping in red liquid may bare some similarities to the aforementioned guesses, it has been revealed that a A Nightmare on Elm Street was the inspiration.

Kylie gave fans a closer look at the new products featured in the collection – which include lip lacquers, an eyeshadow palette, lip and cheek stain and false lashes.

The packaging for the products feature Freddy Krueger‘s legendary striped sweater and a shadow of his image.

In another promotional post for the collection, Kylie wearing a flesh-coloured catsuit with silver stiletto nails which replicate the villain’s clawed glove.

The collection will be available for fans on October 12.

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