Lil Nas X Is GQ’s ‘Musician Of The Year’

Lil Nas X Is GQ’s ‘Musician Of The Year’

Rapper Lil Nas X has been featured in GQ’s Men of The Year series, as their Musician Of The Year and wears $65,000 earrings in the feature. 

Since the release of his first smash hit Old Town Road, Lil Nas has become one of the most famous contemporary musicians so it’s no surprise he is constantly receiving accolades.

The feature see’s him wearing everything from Tom Ford to Tomo Koizumi to Celine.


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Lil Nas discusses everything including dating, and being a Nicki Minaj stan.

“I’m just excited for the future. Just setting habits for myself. Handling things differently,” said Lil Nas when asked about what direction he was heading in.

“You know, I love self-help books. They genuinely help. I’m setting systems for myself instead of goals: working out more and whatnot. Trying to improve my stamina onstage. I’m back to drinking this water. In the studio a lot.”

“Always trying to experiment and try new things and never try to make the same song over again. Yeah, all of that.”

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He also discussed the fear he initially felt with being openly gay in the music industry.

“It was so much anxiety. Like, I literally felt like, Oh, my God, this is like a setup. And I’m going to die soon. It was much darker in my head than people were probably seeing. And it was also like, Damn, I’ve been working hard, like not sleeping, and I just made it to the music industry, and this is going to ruin everything for me.”

You can read the full interview here.

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