Little People’s Jeremy Roloff slammed for NOT babysitting son Radley, 3 months, so wife Audrey could hang with friends

Little People’s Jeremy Roloff slammed for NOT babysitting son Radley, 3 months, so wife Audrey could hang with friends

JEREMY Roloff is being slammed for not taking responsibility for his three-month-old son so wife/mom Audrey could have some much deserved alone time with her friends.

Over the weekend, Audrey was invited to a friend’s house to join a giant group playing a homemade version of the CBS show Survivor.


Audrey was the only contestant to compete with a child in handCredit: Instagram/@audreyroloff
The Little People, Big World star competed with baby Radley strapped to her chest


The Little People, Big World star competed with baby Radley strapped to her chestCredit: Instagram/@hannahthenovak

According to posts Audrey shared to Instagram, the fun night saw the friends squared off in smaller versions of the reality show’s famous challenges in a battle for supremacy.

But the Little People, Big World’s fans couldn’t help but notice Audrey had a handicap in the game – her three month old son Radley, whom she carried throughout the night pressed against her chest.

The 30-year-old mother-of-three was the only person there with a child, and many Redditt users are wondering why Jeremy didn’t simply watch his son while his wife enjoyed herself.

“Why couldn’t Jeremy look after the baby, and let Audrey have a night to herself, without that baby constantly hanging off her,” one fan questioned. “I can not believe how selfish one man can be!!”

Another fan argued that Jeremy could have at least given his wife an hour of freedom: “She’s constantly got that baby attached to her. Look at her stories. Even when making dough he’s attached to her.

“Surely Jeremy can hold or look after the baby at least when she bakes bread.”

Others wondered if there was some deeper meaning behind Jeremy’s abscence.

“I see one more child and then separation/divorce,” one person wrote.

Another pointed out: “It’s so odd that he wouldn’t go with her and participate and hang out with her brother and friends.

“I get doing separate things/hobbies but everyone else seemed to be coupled up and (Audrey) has the baby, while Jeremy gets to f**k around and do whatever he wants all the time. and never has to think about feeding a baby on a night out or spending quality dad time with the other oldest kids.”


Fans have been speculating about the couple’s marriage for some time, taking note of each time they throw shade at one another online.

Last week, Audrey snapped a video promoting a healthier soda drink.

She featured her three young children, Ember, Bode, and Radley in the snap.

Fans were distracted by Audrey’s caption, which read: “Single parent mode powered by Olipop.”

The comment left fans speculating that there may be trouble in paradise.

Fans took to Reddit to share their theories, with the original poster writing: “So much for beating 50 percent,” referring to divorce rates and their past struggles.

Another commenter wrote: “Like I said, they’re just going to be beating the 50% to divorce court. See how she likes being in single parent mode then, with a probable 4th kid.”


LPBW fans previously noted what they perceived as some tension between the duo earlier this month.

Audrey captured an unusual meal made by Jeremy, 31, on her Instagram Story. 

In her video were two sectioned plates. 

Both featured yogurt, a whole carrot, honey sticks and forks on them. 

Audrey said nothing in the clip, allowing the sight to speak for itself. She did, however, add a caption that read: “When dad makes kid lunch.”

In another slide, she responded to a fan who noted: “At least there’s a fork for the yogurt?”

Audrey responded: “Lol didn’t even notice that. I was so focused on the carrots.”


Audrey’s post was shared to Reddit again, where fans ripped into Jeremy, accusing him of weaponized incompetence, or pretending to be unaware how something is done or doing it poorly to avoid being asked to do it again.

One commenter wrote: “It takes such little effort to make a PB&J, a glass of milk and a Go-gurt. Lazy a**”

“I bet she’s surrounded by friends whose husbands also act like this so she’s not seeing how big of a red flag this is,” another chimed in.

A third user wrote: “I think this was partially on purpose so Audrey doesn’t ask him to do it anymore, but I also think he is actually this stupid.”

Another person replied: “Weaponized incompetence. Wouldn’t put it past him”

Referencing Jeremy’s recent home renovation projects, one social media user chimed in: “Ehh, well I mean he did completely demo his bathroom before ordering anything so.”


Before that, Jeremy was slammed for doing his renovation projects late at night with fans accusing him of disrupting his kids’ sleep.

Audrey shared a video of her husband putting in late night hours fixing up the unfinished section of their house. 

She posted the picture to her Instagram Stories, including the pair’s interaction in the caption. 

“Me: do we get to go to bed soon? Him: I guess…”

She then added: “Sounds unlikely…” 

In a separate post, the mom of three revealed that they were remodeling their bathroom in their bedroom. 

The photo circulated on social media prompting users to bash Jeremy for disrupting his children’s sleep schedule.

One commenter slammed the reality star, writing: “It’s clear she’s annoyed he’s working this late. It’s clear the kids’ bedtime matters to her.” 

That same commenter added: “So why does he acts like a kid who must pull an all-nighter when he has plenty of time during the day is beyond me.”

Another echoed the statement with: “Hate that I agree with her, what parent does this with young children at night?!?”

Audrey joined a group of friends for the game night


Audrey joined a group of friends for the game nightCredit: Instagram/@hannahthenovak
The couple welcomed baby Radley in November


The couple welcomed baby Radley in NovemberCredit: Instagram/Audrey Roloff
Rumors persist of trouble in their marriage


Rumors persist of trouble in their marriageCredit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

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