Little Simz Teams Up With WePresent For Moving Short Film

Little Simz Teams Up With WePresent For Moving Short Film

British rapper Little Simz has teamed up with WePresent to create a short film.

Written by Caroline Adeyemi, the story (created by Little Simz) follows a writer desperately trying to get out of her creative funk.

To do so, however, she must make peace with a past version of herself.

It accompanies track four on her album, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, of the same name.

Simz (playing Sage) stars alongside Shaniqua Okwok as Annie and C.J. Beckford as Omar.

Sam Piling directed the short film, and between himself, Adeyemi and Little Simz; they created magic.

“I think it just showed me, ‘don’t be afraid to go deep.’ Don’t force it, but if there are things that are really bothering you that you want to speak on… It just gave me a bit more confidence to go there,” she said on letting go of pain to help the story come to life.

“Sometimes your best work or your best creation can come from something dark or negative, and you can embrace that and give it new life and new meaning.”

The twenty-two minute film is available to watch on YouTube, and the full creative process is broken down with WePresent here.

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