‘No Time To Die’ Breaks Box Office Records

‘No Time To Die’ Breaks Box Office Records

The 25th entry to the James Bond franchise, No Time To Die, is making box office records ahead of its US release date.

No Time To Die is scheduled to arrive in US cinemas on October 8 but is already making waves internationally. The new Bond film is the most successful theatrical release of the year in the UK and has topped the box office nationally and globally.

According to The Guardian, No Time To Die has so far made $119 million internationally, becoming the first film since the start of the pandemic to rake in over $100 million without a release in China. The film has debuted in 54 countries.

So far the film, which marks Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as James Bond, is projected to perform similarly to Skyfall. The 23rd Bond film grossed $1.1 billion globally, making it the most successful entry in the franchise. However, No Time To Die is still expected to bring in 17% less than its predecessor, Spectre.

The latest installment follows the iconic British spy on his final mission, having been pulled out of retirement with Madeline Swan (Léa Seydoux). Bond, sent to rescue a scientist, quickly uncovers more than he bargained for as he is set on the trail of a mysterious new villain with access to a deadly technology.

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