Rebel Wilson’s Team Didn’t Want Her To Lose Weight

Rebel Wilson’s Team Didn’t Want Her To Lose Weight

Rebel Wilson has spoken out about why her team didn’t want her to lose weight. 

The actress appeared on BBC to talk health, weight loss, and her personal struggles with fertility.

Rebel wanted to “physically transform” and change her life.

As a result, she dropped seventy-seven pounds and shared that her team were not happy with her for doing so.

They questioned her, “‘Why would you wanna do that?’ Because I was earning millions of dollars being the funny fat girl and being that person.”

“So is that what a woman has to do in the world is just lose weight?” the video opens.

Wilson shares that she has always been comfortable with her weight and was “very confident being bigger”, but she found comfort in food to cope with emotions.

“I knew deep down inside that some of the emotional eating behaviours I was doing was not healthy. Like I did not need a tub of ice cream every night.”

Rebel says that “it’s just better to be the healthiest version” of yourself, rather than trying to fit into stereotypical standards of ‘beauty’.

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