Reviewers Rave For Andrew Garfield Ahead Of ‘Tick Tick… Boom!’ Release

Reviewers Rave For Andrew Garfield Ahead Of ‘Tick Tick… Boom!’ Release

Following the premiere of Tick, Tick… BOOM!, reviews for Andrew Garfield and Lin-Manuel Miranda have been rolling in. 

The movie, directed by Hamilton creator Miranda, is an adaptation of the late Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical.

It follows the story of Jon, set in 90s New York City, as he grapples with life alongside writing what he hopes will be America’s next great musical.

The star-studded cast includes Andrew Garfield, Alexandra Shipp, Vanessa Hudgens and more.

Ahead of its November 19 release, last night’s premiere has prompted a flurry of rave reviews.

Garfield gives a blazingly self-assured performance – melancholy and ebullient, nuanced and unabashedly over-the-top – that pays off on Miranda’s bet [to cast him], and then some,” writes Vogue.

The Independent write: “He [Garfield] is so wide-eyed, open, loving and present in the role, in ways that constantly pull the film back from the brink of self-indulgence.”

And their praise extends to Miranda equally, impressed with how the directorial debutant “cuts between the narrative and Jonathon’s retelling of that narrative on stage.”

“It’s a neat little metaphor in itself, reminding us of how the artistic mind is constantly interpreting personal experience as potential material – a fact which, at one point, becomes crucial to the narrative.”

Tick, Tick… BOOM! will be in selected theatres from November 12, before it is released on Netflix the following week.

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