‘Rick And Morty” & ‘Solar Opposites’ Workers Unionize With Animation Guild

‘Rick And Morty” & ‘Solar Opposites’ Workers Unionize With Animation Guild

Production workers at Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites have filed to join The Animation Guild (TAG) to collectively bargain for their first union contract. Rick and Morty, which airs on Adult Swim, and Solar Opposites, which airs on Hulu, are animated adult sitcoms.

Workers included in the bargaining unit include production managers, production supervisors, design assistants, casting assistants, storyboard coordinators and office production coordinators and assistants.

According to the guild, “This move follows a request by a super majority of the workers last week to be voluntarily recognized. Attorneys representing both production companies responded to this request by contacting TAG and stating that the productions’ parent studios, Adult Swim and 20th Century Fox, were not willing to voluntarily recognize the entire unit as was proposed by The Animation Guild.”

The guild then filed a petition for a union election.

“Production workers are the heart of the animation industry and have been underappreciated and undercompensated for far too long. It’s time for us to have a seat at the table alongside our artist colleagues,” said Kallan Zimmerman, production manager on Solar Opposites, in a statement provided by the guild.

“I voted yes to unionize with TAG because I believe in representation and protection of production workers. We need real benefits and without unionizing, our needs will never be recognized and addressed,” said Jennifer Vogan, assistant production manager on Rick & Morty.

“I’m excited to unite with my coworkers in production who work so hard in these shows, to join forces with the artists at TAG, and to work towards getting the recognition and the benefits that we deserve,” said Dana Bell, design coordinator on Solar Opposites.