Stella McCartney Teams Up With Sex Education Cast

Stella McCartney Teams Up With Sex Education Cast

The cast of Sex Education and Stella McCartney have teamed up to create an informative breast cancer awareness campaign. 

The new campaign will be the seventh annual campaign to raise awareness for the disease, that has the highest death rate of all cancers.

Stella told Vogue that she is “so proud of what we have accomplished.”

She is inspired by her mother (Linda McCartney), her battle with breast cancer, and her unfortunate death in 1996 from the disease.

“My mum Linda remains forever in my heart and motivates me to not rest until we have raised enough funds and awareness to end this horrific disease.”

For the campaign, Stella stars alongside Aimee Lou Wood, Chinenye Ezeudu, Sami Outalbali, Mimi Keene, Chaneil Kular and Simone Ashley in 2 minute humorous, but important, video.

Stella plays Ella Allets, a video instructor detailing some outdated myths and inaccuracies regarding breast cancer – such a deodorant, microwaves, and mobile phones causing cancer.

The students then dispel the myths and informs viewers of the importance of self-examination. They share the TTT routine – “Toilet, Teeth, Tits.”

“It’s my ultimate hope that young women will integrate these three simple steps into their morning routines and that we can save them and their families the horrendous impact of this disease,” McCartney says.

Exclusive T-shirts are also available to buy with the TTT saying printed on them. The tees also feature a heat-reactive dye that turns pink when touched to remind women to examine their breasts.

“Over a million British women missed their mammograms last year because of lockdown, so now is more important than ever for us all to remember to visit our doctors and perform self-checks regularly. Ladies, don’t forget: Toilet, Teeth, Tits!”

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