Taylor Swift Involved In Virginia’s Gubernatorial Election

Taylor Swift Involved In Virginia’s Gubernatorial Election

The democratic candidate Terry McAuliff has reached out to Taylor Swift fans in his race as the Virginia governor.

This involvement of Taylor Swift and her fans comes after Terry McAuliff released ads on Instagram, Facebook and Google.

The ads focused on his opponent, the Republican nominee Youngkin, and how he happened to have a role in the controversial purchase of Taylor Swift’s master recordings in 2019.

Taylor Swift has yet to comment on the ads released by Terry McAuliff.

The singer has received a Gracie award for Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions and has made a video thanking her fans and stating:

‘Thank you for caring about all of this, thank you for being the reason we could all come together in this way,’

🏆 | #WATCH Taylor Swift accepts the Grand Award for Special or Variety at the 46th Annual Gracie Awards for ‘folklore: the long pond studio sessions’ #TheGracies pic.twitter.com/F2aRZECeVE

— Taylor Swift News 🧣 (@TSwiftNZ) October 6, 2021

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