Teen Mom fans think Cheyenne Floyd’s daughter Ryder, 4, is her ‘TWIN’ in adorable new snap of little girl

Teen Mom fans think Cheyenne Floyd’s daughter Ryder, 4, is her ‘TWIN’ in adorable new snap of little girl

CHEYENNE Floyd showed off a new photo of her daughter, Ryder, and fans went crazy over how much they say mom and her little girl look alike.

In a new photo shared to Instagram, four-year-old Ryder is all smiles, as she sits with a lapful of nail polish containers.


Ryder smiled for the cameraCredit: Instagram/@cheynotshy
Fans think the smiling girl looks just like her mom


Fans think the smiling girl looks just like her momCredit: Instagram / @z.terrel

The preschooler was wearing a pair of bright pink overalls, and had her curly hair pulled back.

Fans and followers continually commented on Cheyenne and Ryder’s similar smiles.

“She’s got the Cheyenne signature open mouth smile going on,” one fan exclaimed. “Mommy’s twin.”

Another commented: “She’s such a gorgeous little girl. She’s literally ALL momma and ALL daddy, but somehow ALLLLL momma. So precious.”

While a third summarized: “My heart breaks at how fast she’s growing. Ryder is beautiful and definitely your mini.”


Ryder’s smile was a welcome change from the concern the family faced earlier this month, when she was rushed to the hospital on Valentine’s Day.

Although it’s not exactly clear what was bothering the child, in a note on Instagram, Cheyenne shared her daughter suffers from VLCAD deficiency – a condition in which the body is unable to properly breakdown certain fats into energy, particularly during periods without food.

In an Instagram post, alongside pictures of the cute little girl dancing and playing among the balloons, Cheyenne offered her thanks.

“I am so overwhelmed and in awe of our support systems and our village. The last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster yet I feel so blessed. I keep finding myself praying wherever I am. I am so grateful and thankful.

“Thank you to everyone who reached out concerned about Ryder, it means so much to us. Ryder is by far the strongest little girl and never shed a tear. I am so thankful to her team at UCLA who always goes above and beyond to take every precaution with her having VLCAD.

“I am especially thankful to Ryder’s school and classmates who have made her feel so loved and special after she missed the Valentine’s Day party! This morning Ryder received another special surprise from them and her reaction was priceless. Thank you for loving our sweet girl!”


Ryder was rushed to the hospital for a “sickness.”

The scared father took to his Instagram Stories to boast over his “brave” little girl.

Ryder had a “rough” morning after being rushed to the hospital on Valentine’s Day.

The tiny tot’s father, 30, documented his little “warrior” who was hooked up to an IV and wrapped up in a pink flower blanket.

She spoke to her fans, saying: “Hey guys, my Valentine’s Day is doing some sickness in the hospital.”


The MTV dad then asked his little girl how she was “feeling now” to which she replied: “Good, I got this in my arm so brave,” referring to her IV.

“So brave, you didn’t even cry,” Cory confirmed.

Ryder continued: “Happy Valentine’s. My Valentine’s has been great and good.”

“Great and good in the hospital,” Cory laughed, adding: “You’re doing good though I’m really proud of you.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better okay?”

In a sing-songy voice, the youngster closed out: “I love you, Happy Valentine’s!” before blowing the camera a kiss.

Before ending the video, Cory hopped on with a peace sign telling fans: “Ryder is doing better you guys!”

The concerned father captioned his post: “My warrior. Ryder is feeling a lot better, this morning was really rough,” with the praying hand’s emoji.

Two days later, Ryder was home from her sudden stay.

And the smiling four-year-old was greeted by all sorts of colorful balloons and presents.

Ryder was rushed to the hospital on Valentine's Day


Ryder was rushed to the hospital on Valentine’s DayCredit: Instagram/Cory Wharton
Days later, she was released healthy


Days later, she was released healthyCredit: Ryder K/Instagram
Cheyenne and Zach are engaged to be married


Cheyenne and Zach are engaged to be marriedCredit: Social Media – Refer to source

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