Tesla Sued By Six Women For Sexual Harassment

Tesla Sued By Six Women For Sexual Harassment

Six women have sued the electric car and energy company for sexual harassment. 

Tesla have been hit with lawsuits from six women for alleged sexual harassment. Five women work, or used to work, at the company’s Fremont factory and one was employed in southern California.

Vice reports that the sexual harassment is said to be “constant”.

It appears that the women were subject to “requests for sexual favours, inappropriate touching, and threats.”

The lawsuit explains how the women attempted to protect themselves from unwanted advances.

“The women described using various methods to protect themselves from harassment, including wearing baggy clothes, skipping breaks, and asking to be moved away from harassers.”

The women had to endure comments on their physical appearance.

Alize Brown, who has a 3-month-old baby, was referred to as a “cow” that was “milking.” Michaela Curren reported her direct supervisor asking her to “shake [her] ass” for him” whilst another colleague requested that she perform a sexual act on him in the parking lot.

Alisa Blickman alleges her supervisor “would rub his hand on her lower back and whisper sexual comments to her” and threaten her when she gave a negative response.

Eden Mederos was victim to comments like “a pretty girl shouldn’t be working in a service centre”, and was advised to “flirt with customers to get a rich husband.”

Jessica Brookes suffered harassment to such an extent that “she stacked boxes around her workstation to prevent colleagues from looking at her.” She was moved to a different part of the facility after reporting issues, rather than her harasser.

Each woman’s report of harassment was met with a “lack of action from Tesla.”

Anxiety and depression were experienced by the women as a result, which made it “difficult to advance their careers.”

The news comes after CEO Elon Musk was named Time Magazine’s ‘Person of The Year‘

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