The First Alexander McQueen Show In 18 Months Was In The Clouds

The First Alexander McQueen Show In 18 Months Was In The Clouds

The Alexander McQueen brand returned to the runway atop an eleven floor multi-story in Wapping this week, and many are hailing it as the brands homecoming.

Creative director Sarah Burton purposefully chose this venue, underneath the “unpredictable skies” of London.

“I wanted to be high up on a rooftop, as a moment of release after what we’ve all been through,” said Burton, according to The Guardian, after the show. “But at the same time, it doesn’t feel like this is necessarily the end of anything. Maybe it’s just a moment of sunshine, who knows.”

“Stormy skies are what we’ve been living through, so it’s about darkness and light,” said Burton.

“And also, this is a show celebrating London as our home – my home, my team’s home, and the brand’s home – and unpredictable skies are a part of London life.”

The collection as rife with the signature McQueen elements which in turn are akin to the signature feel of London.

It’s clear to see that Burton took the “homecoming” element of the collection very seriously. The collection exuded that comfortable familiarity, but was never boring.

“Things have changed, and I think they have changed for ever.” said Burton.

A year and a half of working at home means that the rhythm of how we live and work has changed and we should respect that. I don’t feel like everything has to go back to the old formulas.”

Despite the pandemic, the Alexander McQueen brand continues to flourish.

Its parent group, Kering, singled out McQueen in a first-quarter earnings report for this year, describing its performance as “outstanding”.

Also, in the past four years the number of McQueen stores worldwide has doubled to 100.

You can see the full collection here.

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