The Hollywood Thriller: Anya Taylor-Joy In ‘The Last Night In Soho’

The Hollywood Thriller: Anya Taylor-Joy In ‘The Last Night In Soho’

Anya Taylor-Joy headed to Instagram to explain how her “heart [was] bursting” for the release of Edgar Wright‘s new psychological thriller.

The Hollywood Thriller continually proves to be an incredibly popular choice for filmmakers and audiences. Hollywood have produced many successful thrillers in recent years, such as Momento, Shutter Island, Get Out and many more.

Over the Halloween weekend, Wright’s new psychological thriller Last Night In Soho grossed a generous 4.6 million at the theatres. The film, which stars Anya-Taylor-Joy and Matt Smith, has “been praised for being a head-spinning fable that twists from finger-snapping retro fun to giallo-esque slasher fantasy”.

Anya thanked director Edgar Wright, for his “commitment to the art of cinema”.

This is the actresses sixth big role, her first big break being Netflix’s 2020 series, The Queens Gambit. The series gained incredible critical acclaim.

Quite visibly, Joy is proving to be an upcoming sensation however, this is just the beginning and perhaps she will delve into more thrillers in the future.

Last Night In Soho’s success entails with the current public interest in the fragility of the human psyche.

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