‘The Tinder Swindler’ Believes He Could Make It In Hollywood

‘The Tinder Swindler’ Believes He Could Make It In Hollywood

The convicted con artist featured in the new Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler reportedly insists he could make it in Hollywood.

According to sources for TMZ, Simon Leviev has already secured a talent manager – Gina Rodriguez – in the hopes of capitalising on his newfound infamy.

Despite the incriminating shadow which has been cast over him by NetflixLeviev reportedly desires to star in a Bachelor-like dating show, with multiple women competing for his love.

Among his other bizarre ideas are a book and a podcast, in which he will provide some rather questionable dating advice.

Dubbed the “Tinder Swindler“, Leviev was exposed in the recently released documentary for luring in women over the popular dating app and exploiting their love for him in order to steal millions of dollars.

Masquerading as the son of a billionaire, Leviev would use the money of his last victim to trick and woo the next, hiring private jets and five hotels to bolster his fake identity.

Three of his victims were featured in the film, though he allegedly swindled many more.

Following the release of Tinder Swindler, Leviev deleted his Instagram account and denied the damning allegations levelled against him. His instagram has now been reactivated and is following no accounts.

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