Trisha Paytas Releases New Music

Trisha Paytas Releases New Music

Viral star Trisha Paytas has released a new song under her pseudonym Sadboy2005, Wall to Wall, with the music video taking inspiration from My Chemical Romance.

This music video and single is the most recent in a long line of self-funded projects which sees Trisha living their best life.

This is Sadboy2005’s sixth single. Possibly one of the most controversial influencers, Trisha has come back from Internet exile more times than anyone else, and still somehow retains a loyal fan base.

They spoke to The Insider and said “I never cared about being rich or anything, still don’t…I just have this constant need for attention. Maybe that’s a bad thing, maybe not, but it’s how I thrive.”

“To this day, I try not to say no to any opportunity to be introduced to a new audience,” they told Insider. “The platform is always changing, growing and getting more and more saturated — you have to stay ahead of it all.”

From her close relationship to disgraced Youtuber Shane Dawson, to her controversies around racially stereotyped character intended to be a Japanese pop-star, Trish has found themselves in hot water more than once.

Most recently, Trisha has taken up the Hare Krishna religion and is now an avid vegan and animal rights activist, doing most of her activism on TikTok.

@trishlikefish88♬ vibe for this year – joseph fagundes

You can watch the full music video below.

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