Tyreek Hill Willing To Risk Super Bowl LIV Ring For Usain Bolt Race

Tyreek Hill Willing To Risk Super Bowl LIV Ring For Usain Bolt Race

Tyreek Hill says he’s willing to put his Super Bowl LIV ring on the line in a race against Usain Bolt.

Hill, who claims to be the fastest player in the NFL, has been challenging the Jamaican sprinter to race for months. In a recent response, Bolt said he’d be open to the idea, and would even be willing to put one of his many Olympic gold medals on the line – so long as Hill would risk his Super Bowl LIV ring.

Speaking to TMZ, Hill readily agreed, adding, “My Super Bowl ring is times all those gold medals. My one Super Bowl ring is like thirty gold medals because those are so hard to get.”

“Right now, it’s getting kinda personal. Right now, it’s about my ego. Because I feel like he just tried me,” said Hill. “First of all, my momma always told me you never let nobody talk trash to you if they’re wearing a tight shirt like that. Like, his Puma shirt was choking him. I’m not fittin’ to allow that to happen.”

He added, “I’m down with whatever at this point. We can go race in Walmart parking lot, you know, and do it for Walmart charity, like we can go do whatever.”

Usain Bolt, you got my number, you got my Instagram, you got all that information. Like me and you can just figure this out. Me and you can just meet at a local high school, anywhere.”

“I can come to Jamaica. We can get it poppin’ on the YouTube.”

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