Tyson Fury Promises To “Spark Out” Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury Promises To “Spark Out” Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury has promised to “spark out” Deontay Wilder in their upcoming fight on Saturday (October 9).

Speaking to Sky Sport, Fury labelled ‘The Bronze Bomber’ a “real piece of garbage” as he promised to defeat him in their third confrontation.

“When we was first going to fight, I thought he was a decent man, like a family man, you know, doing it for his kids and all that,” said Fury. “But now I know he’s a real piece of garbage – a piece of rubbish – and I’m going to knock him spark out on Saturday night and I cannot wait to get him in that ring and give him a good hiding.”

He added, “I might even take it slow with him. I might take it slow and punish him. Make him say, ‘No Mas’.”

The Gypsy King went on to claim that he was all Deontay had thought about in two years: “I’m living in Wilder’s mind rent-free, the whole time – two years. Every time he looks in the mirror he sees Tyson Fury.”

“Every time he goes to bed, before he closes his eyes at night, he sees the Gypsy King.”

Asked about his strategy heading into the fight, Fury said he was “gonna get straight on the front foot”.

“Straight away from round one. You know, Wilder’s the biggest puncher in the history of our sport,” He said. “When I beat him this time, his career is over. Just like if AJ loses again to Usyk, his career is over too.”

“So yeah, he really needs a win but he ain’t getting it, that’s for sure.”

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