YouTuber Trisha Paytas Is Pregnant With First Child

YouTuber Trisha Paytas Is Pregnant With First Child

YouTube star Trisha Paytas is expecting their first child with husband Moses Hacmon.

Announcing the news on Valentine’s Day, Paytas shared a number of images and a video of recent baby scan. In another photo ,Paytas and Hacom are both beaming into the camera while holding a picture from the scan.

“Love at first beat❤️,” captioned Paytas.

The 33-year-old YouTube sensation had reportedly been trying to get pregnant with Hacmon since October 2020.

Marrying in December, Paytas revealed that the pair realised they were pregnant during their honeymoon in January.

Paytas previously opened up about their struggles with fertility in a video posted in 2016. Revealing that they had been diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which had caused an infection and scarring on the reproductive organs, Paytas said that some doctors had told them they would never get pregnant.

Speaking more about the pregnancy in a new YouTube video, Paytas said: “I’m in disbelief in so many ways but at the same time it just feels right. All of a sudden I just felt a sense of purpose. I just felt like my life felt completed. Like my life is just starting.”

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