Gta 5 Cheat Codes Xbox One

Gta 5 Cheat Codes Xbox One

The GTA franchise has had a long and storied history with cheat codes, and GTA V cheat codes are no different. Rockstar remains one of the few Triple-A publishers to have incorporated cheat codes into their games, including the GTA franchise.

The GTA franchise has had some iconic cheat codes in games like GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, some of which even led you to drive cars on water. Cheat codes are not as popular in 2022’s trends as they used to be in 2013, when the game came out, but they still hold a place in gamers’ preference based on nostalgia and how well they hold up.

GTA V is one of the few games that came out during 2013 to incorporate cheat codes. Cheat Codes in GTA 5 allow the player to apply character enhancement, alter in-game combat or spawn vehicles instantly to help make gameplay a little more exciting. Similar to the other GTA franchise games, there is a plethora of cheats present in the game, which would allow you to play the game to your liking.

Here are all GTA V cheat codes that players can use in the game.

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How to use GTA 5 cheat codes on PlayStation 4

Type the cheat code from the list for PS4 given below to activate the powers. In addition to this, press the ‘Up’ button and dial the cell phone number to get the cheat codes activated in GTA 5.

GTA V Cheat Codes for PS4

Some character enhancement GTA V cheat codes for PS4 are as follows:

Character Enhancement GTA V Cheat Codes for PS4:

Character enhancement cheat codes can help make gameplay a little more exciting (although the player might just want the “Lower Wanted Level” cheat). Nonetheless, there are plenty of options for players looking to play GTA 5 in a different manner. All the cheat codes have different functions and perform different activities in the game.