Hacks for Call of Duty Mobile

Hacks for Call of Duty Mobile

If what you are looking for is to activate the hacks to CoD Mobile there is something to clarify first. It is that nobody is ever encouraged to do it, but the procedure is explained so that a person can access them. Hacking games to gain extra skills is wrong, so the purpose of this article is for informational purposes only.

Hacks Call of Duty Mobile They can only be downloaded if the application is installed from the Play Store. The reason for this is that they collect the game information, which is not received when the game is an APK. It should also be noted that this is only valid for Android. In Apple cell phones this procedure does not work. Discover the best names for Call of Duty Mobilethe click on the button

Hacks for Call of Duty Mobile

Once the game is downloaded from the play store, you must go to the Android phone’s storage path / obb / com.activision.callofduty.shooter. The name of the folder will be changed, adding a digit at the end. As a next step, you have to uninstall the application

Before all this, the mod menu should have been downloaded. This is a hack that allows you to have infinite money, it has an Aimbot and it can even make you immortal.

The uninstallation of the original game does not matter. The menu mod brings the APK, but it needs the stored data to work. Now you have to go to the folder where the hack is and install it. Finally, you only need to go to the folder that was originally renamed to revert this change. Then the hack would already be installed and ready to be used.

Remember that the fun of the game is the competition. Using a hack to be immortal and have an advantage over other players completely eliminates the competition. It’s okay to be immortal for a bit, but this means ruining the fun for other people and eventually ending it for yourself.