Homescapes Cheats Guide 2022 (Step-by-Step)

Homescapes Cheats Guide 2022 (Step-by-Step)

HomeScapes is a mobile game that, through using our Cheats Guide, you are able to use hack the game. Using this page, you will learn all the cheats available for HomeScapes, along with how to get unlimited lives.

In HomeScapes, you get 5 lives, and therefore 5 possibilities of to fail. Once the lives are exhausted, you have to wait half an hour to be able to play the game again. But, by using out guide, it is possible to have unlimited lives.

The problem with these unlimited lives is that they don’t last forever. In fact, it’s quite common to realize that you are not going to be able to enjoy your hour of unlimited lives on HomeScapes because you have other things to do — so the timer will keep running out, while you have to go do something in-real-life.

So, here is how to get infinite lives for as long as you want, and infinite coins in HomeScapes.

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How to Find Your Game ID

Your Game ID in HomeScapes can be very useful, and it needed for a variety of things. To find your Game ID, follow these steps

If you would like, you can use the video below to help guide you through how to find you Game ID

HomeScapes Cheats Android Guide

Cheats for HomeScapes can easily be downloaded on Andriod. Use the guide in this article (located above) to learn how to install them easily.

Here are some other HomeScapes Tips:

If you want to learn the best way to quickly earn thousands of coins in HomeScapes — help your team to finish in the top 5in a tournament.

Join a team that have many players in it, and help the team — because if you don’t, you may get kicked from the team.

Events last at least two weeks and require you to collect stickers — by doing this, you gain the event’s currency, which will let you get decorations like

Homescapes is a very interesting game because it has many amazing puzzles for you which you have to solve in order to win. It is a trending game that’s why it has so many positive reviews. In this game there are several characters so you have to help them you have to save them. This game has best optimization so you can run this game or your average mobile for both devices android and Apple. Design your apartment by solving and matching puzzles. This game has very awesome features which is why people love to play this game.

Alternate games: Homescapes Mod Apk

Design and decoration

In this game you will get a house so this is your responsibility to take care of your house. You have complete option for you house to customize and decorate according to your choice. Unlock different exciting things for you house by solving different pieces of puzzles.

Play with your friends

No doubt this is the best feature of this game because you can invite your friends to play game with you. So you can never bore from this game because you have your friends with you to help you to build your apartment. Solve difficult puzzles by taking help from them.

Dynamic gaming experience

This game gives your realistic view and gaming experience. Because it has much for you like in this game you have a very cute cat so you need to take care of him. Protect your cat form the hurdles by matching puzzles. Sometimes you stuck in puzzles but don’t worry you can get hint or you can get help.

How to get hack version of Homescapes?

If you’re looking for hack version of this game then you need to download Mod version of it. You can get mod version from the website so download and install this game on your mobile with all features.

First download this game on your mobile phone. Then open it and you will see tutorial so you can easily understand how you can play this game. Controls are very simple and you can set according to your choice.

No! You don’t need to pay anything to get this game which means you can get this game 100% free. Enjoy your game for free without giving any money.