World Number One Magnus Carlsen Clinches Extension on His Whopping Million Dollar Sponsorship Deal 2022

World Number One Magnus Carlsen Clinches Extension on His Whopping Million Dollar Sponsorship Deal 2022

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen has always been a difference-maker in society; Whether be it his recent fundraiser endeavors in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour or his social work activities through his app Play Magnus. However, being a world chess champion comes with a lot of perks, and here’s another million-dollar deal he just signed with Unibet for a noble cause.

The second tournament of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 2022, i.e., Charity raised over $150,000 for UNICEF’s humanitarian relief activities in and around Ukraine. Furthermore, the funds have been raised for UNICEF through Play Magnus app, where different celebrities are playing against bot Magnus Carlsen.

Unibet extends its sponsorship deal with Magnus Carlsen

After his back-to-back victories in various tournaments, the online betting company, Unibet, has extended its sponsorship deal with the world chess champion. Magnus Carlsen has been an ambassador for the company since 2020 and Unibet also has a partnership deal with Norway’s largest chess club, Offerspill. The major objective of the deal is to reach zero percent revenue from harmful gambling by 2023.
About the deal, Carlsen said, “Just as I have set a hair-raising goal of becoming the first chess player in the world to reach 2,900 rating points, Kindred, as the first global gambling operator, has set itself an ambition of zero revenue from customers with harmful gambling behavior. This is an ambition I would like to contribute to achieving and a message I am happy to support.”

Carlsen wins Charity cup

The world champion adds one more trophy to his tally with a remarkable victory against Polish Grand Master, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, in the charity cup. While Duda played extremely well, he could not clinch the final victory from Magnus Carlsen.

It’s like Carlsen has now made it a habit of winning from tough situations. Opponents and format hardly matter for the World No. 1 anymore. It’s just him and the victory.

Defending champion Carlsen is currently leading the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 2022 with two back-to-back victories. However, the question remains: Can someone really challenge his dominance in the remaining 7 tournaments or will he be the champion once again?