On The 1st Of Every Month He Will Provide Medical Services To The Artists

On The 1st Of Every Month He Will Provide Medical Services To The Artists

Actor Dr. took responsibility for the treatment of colleagues. SM Ejazul Islam. He will provide free medical treatment to his colleagues at the office of the Performing Artists Association on the 1st of every month. The new committee leaders of the Actors’ Association have taken such a decision to provide health care to the artists. They have taken initiative to introduce full healthcare to their colleagues.

Ahsan Habib Nasim, president of the Association of Performing Artists, said, “We started performing our duties through healthcare activities from today. Today, on the first day, our actor Dr. gave medical services to 11 people. Ejaz brother. Many more physicians will be added in phases. We will also arrange for diagnosis. We want to introduce a complete healthcare system for artists and craftsmen.

Why do you think this initiative? In this context, Nasim said, ‘We have more than a thousand colleagues. Often when you go to work with them you hear that they are shooting with different diseases. Despite having chest and abdominal pain and other problems, he is neglecting physical care. No one goes to the doctor anymore. Many have laziness. Again, some people are in a dilemma as to which doctor is better, who to go to. Can’t make the right decision. We have introduced health care system thinking of everyone. After the treatment, those who cannot afford to buy medicine will be assisted.

The office of the Association of Performing Artists is a bit crowded since morning. Because, from today, Dr. Ejaz has started medical services for his co-stars. Actor Urmila Sravanti Kar, Nure Alam Nayan, Zakir Hossain and 11 other actors came for treatment. In the context of the service of colleagues. Ejaz said, ‘The acting artists’ association and crew are another family of mine. Serving there means serving the people of the family. I had such a plan for a long time. I immediately agreed after telling me. I applaud this initiative. As I said before, actors and crew will always be by my side. I have given time till 12 o’clock today. If need be, I am there to give you time all day. ‘ He had earlier served as the Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Dhaka Medical College.

Nure Alam is the finance secretary of the Association of Performing Artists. He also received medical treatment today. Talking to him, he said, ‘This is a very good initiative. Now everyone can easily come to the association’s office and get health care if they want. Today Ejaz Bhai has shown us hope. I think everyone will get quality healthcare through this.