Holiday Decor Wishlist

Holiday Decor Wishlist

It’s officially time to decorate for the holidays. Maybe a lot of you have already finished decorating, but don’t worry if you haven’t—this is a judgment-free zone.

My favorite way to get in the holiday spirit is to listen to a Christmas record (this one by Kacey Musgraves is my favorite and I love this Charlie Brown Christmas one. I also like to watch White Christmas while I’m decorating.

I’ve had a pink Christmas tree on my mind for a while, and I think I’m ready to make the switch from my white tree. I usually add a mix of keepsake and novelty ornaments to my tree—these chocolate croissant and roller skate ornaments are so fun.

Here’s what else I’m loving this year!

If you are mad for plaid around the holiday season, then this pillow will be the perfect addition to your cozy living room (and the perfect companion for watching all those holiday movies on your couch). How cute is this one, too?

Pink Christmas tree?? Yes, please! Show your love for all things Christmas (and all things pink) at the same time with this showstopper of a tree. Here’s a blush pink tree if you like your pink in a lighter hue.

We love a good advent calendar, and while you can do a tea calendar or a coffee calendar, we do love a classic one with pockets to put little surprises in as well.

Everyone loves a good pom pom wreath and they are easy to store and re-fluff year after year! Try this one if you want to add some color to your holiday decor.

Cabinet Bows For Your Kitchen!

One of Elsie’s favorite Christmas decor items are cabinet bows! They come in lots of colors and patterns, and they add some holiday cheer to your kitchen (which can tend to get neglected a bit compared to the rest of the house).

Give your old stocking hangers a refresh with this star stocking holder that lights up! How about a gold snowflake option if stars aren’t your thing?

Slim Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

If you have a smaller space or want to add a tree in a corner, slim trees like these are perfect for adding some sparkle to a smaller area!

Tree toppers are always the icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned, and this starburst one is tree-topper perfection! Here’s one that lights up!

These retro trees are a classic and bring back fond memories of holidays at Grandma’s house. You can go for a larger size to really make a statement, or try a smaller model for a desk or console table.

Rainbow Bottle Brush Trees

I’ll admit, I have a pretty big collection of bottle brush trees, but these rainbow ones are just too cute to pass up!

Porcelain and ceramic houses add so much magic to shelves and tables (especially when you add some battery tea lights inside (these have a timer setting too). This set of houses are cute, too!

Felt Christmas Light Garland

Garlands are one of our favorite ways to decorate, as you can hang them so easily just about anywhere around the house! Whether you are looking for some greenery, something with lights, or some felted whimsy, you can’t go wrong with a garland.

Hang your stockings with care with these knitted stockings in festive colors!

Clip-On Candles (For Your Tree!)

If you love the old-timey look of candles on Christmas trees, then you’ll love these clip-on battery candles that you can use year after year (without having to worry about your tree catching on fire!).

Gold Star Wall Decals (They Are Removable!)

These are one of Elsie’s holiday tricks—star decals that add instant holiday magic to your walls! They are removable (so you can use them even if you are a renter) and, hey, you may like them so much you keep them up all year long!

Now that you’ve got your place looking like a Christmas wonderland, don’t forget to deck yourself out with a holiday sweatshirt as well! We love this Santa Baby one and this Griswold Christmas theme, too.

Digital Holiday Print (Print Whatever Size You Want!)

We love digital prints, as you can download them and print them whatever size you need (and you can print smaller sizes from home so you can get one done instantly!). This Santa countdown is adorable for the wall or a fridge to help a kiddo count down the days.

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I hope this colorful wishlist makes your day feel extra festive! XOXO! Jacki and Laura

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