I sent my cousin the bill for my kid’s birthday cake after her son ruined it…I won’t stop until she’s paid

I sent my cousin the bill for my kid’s birthday cake after her son ruined it…I won’t stop until she’s paid

A WOMAN has revealed that she sent her cousin the bill for her son’s birthday cake after her nephew destroyed it – and she won’t stop until she’s paid.

The mum described the situation on Reddit, where she asked strangers whether or not she was being unreasonable. 

The woman claims her cousin should pay for her son's ruined birthday cake


The woman claims her cousin should pay for her son’s ruined birthday cakeCredit: Getty

She explained: “We recently threw my 5 year-old a birthday party. He hasn’t had a real birthday party since he was 2 years old due to Covid, so this was the first one he’d actually remember. 

“One of my cousins, a single mom, has a very unruly 6 year-old. He is loud, disobedient, and a nightmare in public.”

When it came time to blow out the candles, the woman’s nephew tried to blow out the candles on her son’s cake.

She said: “My husband kept blocking him and pulling him back and we could tell the kid was getting frustrated. 

“Eventually my son blew out the candles and the kid absolutely lost it.”

At this stage, things went from bad to worse, as the child took out his frustrations on his cousin’s birthday cake.

The mum wrote: “He threw a tantrum and slammed his entire arm into the cake, knocking it into the table. It was so awkward, everyone gasped and got quiet.

“My son looked up at us and I could tell he was about to start crying. 

“In an effort to not cause a bigger scene, my husband picked him up and whispered to him that we had another special cake just for him (we didn’t) and he seemed to calm down.”

The mum had to clean cake off her nephew’s arm, as his mother was nowhere to be seen.

She said: “I walked him over to the sink and washed him off and quietly told him that he shouldn’t have done that to the cake and that he should apologize to his cousin for what he did. 

“He screamed ‘NO!’ in my face and then ran away.”

The woman’s husband ran out to quickly buy a new cake, but she wasn’t happy with this result and thought her cousin should pay for her child’s behaviour.

“I spoke to my cousin after the party about what happened since she wasn’t in the room, and she brushed it off saying ‘kids will be kids’. 

“I completely disagree. I’ve been to plenty of birthday parties where the other kids let the birthday boy/girl have their moment. 

“I suggested she pay for the ruined cake and she looked at me like I was crazy.”

She explained to her cousin that this was a very important birthday, as her son hadn’t been able to have any parties during Covid, but this didn’t do any good.

She said: “She got extremely defensive and refused to pay for anything.

“I sent her the bill for the ruined cake and she has not paid us. 

“I actually feel she should pay for both cakes since her kid is the reason we had to get a new one, but I didn’t go that far.”

Commenters largely agreed that the woman was right to ask her cousin for compensation.

One wrote: “The kid is a jerk because the parent is a jerk. No longer invite them to any parties and enjoy your immediate family because they seem nice.”

Another added: “You will never get your money back your only way to go from here is to cut her out completely, because her son and her bad parenting will only get worse.”

Some, however, thought she was being unreasonable.

“Sending a bill to the mother isn’t going to have the effect of solving that family’s problems. It further isolates them and cuts them off from potentially healthy relationships”, said one commenter.

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