I’m a sleep expert – 3 things you need to change today to make sure you get a good night’s rest tonight

I’m a sleep expert – 3 things you need to change today to make sure you get a good night’s rest tonight

WHILE some people can lie down and easily doze off, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the proper rest your body requires.

Lucky for you, a sleeping expert has unveiled the three simple tips to follow to get a really good night’s rest.


A sleeping expert shared how you can change the quality of your sleepCredit: Getty
Narwan reported sleeping on your side is the best position


Narwan reported sleeping on your side is the best positionCredit: Getty

Expert Narwan Amini revealed to the Houston Chronicle what to keep in mind in order to enhance the quality of your sleep.


While there’s a variety of sleeping positions, Narwan claimed that sleeping on your side is the best for a number of reasons.

For one, it supplies your spine with enough alignment and support.

Plus, it not only reduces any small neck or back pain but also helps your overall internal body to function properly.

In fact, when resting in a lateral sleeping position, Narwan suggested a body pillow can definitely come in handy.

To reduce any morning neck cramps, it’s best to keep your shoulders off the pillow so you cut back on any extra space between your neck and the mattress, according to Narwan.

As for the type of mattress, the sleeping expert recommended a medium to soft feel so there’s not too much pressure on your hips and shoulders.

However, for those not convinced you could ever adapt to sleeping on your side, there are ways to make your preferred position more supportive.

According to Narwan, back sleepers can simply tuck a pillow under their knees. And stomach sleepers could attempt to stick a pillow under their hips.

However, sleeping on your belly is considered the worst position because it can cause strained muscles, stiffness, and pain.


As far as your surroundings go, it’s best to keep it dark, quiet, tidy, and cool.

While some are used to sleeping with one foot out of the covers to stay cool throughout the night, it might not work for everybody.

“If a person can’t relax with a foot sticking out from their covers, they may want to try a small fan or other cooling measures for better sleep,” advised Narwan.

However, the best temperature to keep your room in is roughly 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from staying cool, an unilluminated room also keeps your internal clock adjusted.

Now as far as distractions go, it’s best to keep them to a minimum. This may mean some televisions would have to be kept anywhere besides your bedroom.


A night-time routine will vary for each person. However, Narwan highly recommended staying clear of any electronics an hour before bed.

She explained: “Instead, it’s good to relax with a simple activity like a familiar book, simple stretches, or a warm shower or bath.”

However, if you’re used to depending on the noise of the television to fall asleep, the expert suggested trying a relaxing activity that can slowly prompt you to rest.

This can even include basic tasks like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. And once you climb into bed, you can take out a good book.

Nawran shared: “I’m a fan of including warm water somewhere in my ritual.

“If it’s not a shower or bath, I briefly submerge my feet in warm water. It’s surprisingly soothing.”

And while it may not be the television keeping you from getting a good night’s rest anymore, another sleeping expert shared how to stop your partner from snoring for good.

Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position


Sleeping on your stomach is the worst positionCredit: Getty

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