I’m planning on giving my daughter an “ugly sounding name”…my partner hates it but I don’t care – I’m obsessed

I’m planning on giving my daughter an “ugly sounding name”…my partner hates it but I don’t care – I’m obsessed

AN EXPECTING mum has revealed she plans on giving her daughter an ‘ugly sounding name’ which her partner hates – but she’s determined to convince him.

A pregnant wife and mum-of-one shared her story anonymously on Reddit, highlighting that her partner is extremely opposed to her chosen name for their second daughter.

The mum said she's 'obsessed' with giving her new baby the 'ugly sounding name'


The mum said she’s ‘obsessed’ with giving her new baby the ‘ugly sounding name’Credit: Getty

The mum is very keen to name her second daughter Agatha Jane.

She wrote: “I’ve become obsessed with the name Agatha for a couple of different reasons. 

“My daughter’s name is Louisa, nickname Louie. I love the subtle literary connection between Louisa and Agatha (Louisa May Alcott, Agatha Christie).”

She also loves the meaning behind the name and the possible nicknames that come along with the old fashioned name.

She explained: “I love the meaning of Agatha ( “Good”). I love the nickname ‘Aggie’ or ‘A.J’, and Agatha is appropriate for a grown person.”

Her partner, however, isn’t on board with the name.

The mum explained: “My partner hates it because it’s Agatha, and I’ll admit it’s an old lady name and has a bad reputation as an ugly sounding name. 

“I don’t think it sounds ugly or harsh.”

She asked the Reddit community to help her and her partner resolve the issue.

She said: “Help me convince him or help him by talking me out of Agatha. I’m pretty obsessed, and he’s pretty… not lol.”

Commenters were mostly on her partner’s side, and said that he should have equal say in his daughter’s name. 

One wrote: “I also think Agatha is a horrible name, no offence. Also, you already wore him down on your first daughters name. 

“Maybe actually give his opinion some weight in this decision? It’s his child too and should be a joint decision you’re both happy with.”

Another added: “I’m with your partner on this one tbh hate Agatha so old lady and frumpy sounding even the nickname is not nice, I’d be jealous of big sister Louisa for having a pretty name if I was stuck with Agatha.”

The mum later edited the post, saying: “I appreciate you all sticking up for my partners choice, this is 90% a joke.

“He obviously has a choice in naming our kids (if I had it my way, Louisa would be named Clementine).”

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